A little about us
The reason for the recent changes in our site is to reflect the changes in our mission over the years .We wanted our site to reflect who we are and where we are headed in our breeding program. Originaly we were breeding to produce healthy,even tempered pets & working dogs. A short time later we discovered the show world and realised to do right by the breed we should be striving to produce multi purpose dogs of beauty ,with stellar tempraments,high intelligence,trainability and great health . On this note we believe if a dog cannot work (which is a siberians original purpose)it absolutely should not be bred. In our quest to build a better Siberian Husky we were blessed to meet our new partner Robin Malchow of Black Storm Siberians who has an extensive background in conformation handling and training Siberian Huskies. Robin`s knowledge of structure and movement is very valuable to our program and we belive will make our breedings even better ! Together Robin and I are ready to take on the siberian show world and her stud dog Ike will be incorporated into our program and our girls into hers. Thank you to all of our friends and fans who continue to support us in this endeavor......More to come to this page soon,Please click on the photo below to return to our home page
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