I,EvaMarie L. Coe of the Siberian Outpost guarantee that puppy
microchip ID #________________out of sire AKC#____________ and dam AKC#____________is healthy and has not been found to have any of the health related hereditary defects listed in this contract.If said puppy is found and documented to have a contagious disease within 72 hours of transfer of ownership Siberian Outpost will pay medical costs up to the purchase price of said puppy or it may be returned for a refund of the purchase price or exchanged for a Siberian Outpost puppy of equal value.The buyer(s)may choose 1 of the 3 options mentioned.If said puppy is found and documented by a veterinary doctor to have any hereditary defects that severely impair the health or shorten the natural lifespan within 2 yrs of transfer of ownership said puppy will be replaced with a Siberian Outpost puppy of equal value or buyer(s) may choose a full refund of the purchase price of said puppy.The Siberian Outpost will not be responsible any veterinary charges the buyer may decide to incur on behalf of a puppy with hereditary health issues.The buyer may decide to retain ownership of said puppy and still recieve the refund or replacement for health related hereditary defects offered in this contract.If this puppy was purchased for conformation exhibition Siberian Outpost guarantees that said puppy has no disqualifying faults . If this puppy is purchase for conformation exhibition and is found to have a disqualifying fault a refund for the difference between the pet & full registration cost will be refunded to the buyer after proof of spay/neuter has been recieved by the seller.Total refunds shall not exceed purchase price of aforementioned puppy. Signed________________________                                                  

I__________________,the buyer of said puppy understand this puppy is sold and registered as pet quality / breeding quality / conformation exhibition quality and agree to have said puppy examined at my own expense by a licensed veterinary doctor within 48 hours of transfer of ownership.I,the buyer if purchasing a limited pet only registration also agree to have said puppy spayed/neutered at the age of 1 year and to provide the seller with written veterinary documentation of spay/neuter within 10 days of this date and proof of the spay neuter with microchip ID from the buyers veterinarian must be sent within 10 days to EvaMarie Coe. I further understand if this puppy is spayed /neutered/bred before the age of one year the genetic health guarantee in this contract will be void in regard to orthopedic issues.Also orthopedic problems will not be covered by this guarantee if this puppy is used to pull sleds bikes ect before the age of 18 mos as this can cause damage to growing bones & joints .I the buyer further understand that I will recieve the puppy`s AKC application for individual  registration papers from EvaMarie L.Coe upon reciept of spay/neuter documentation.I also understand that if I do not comply with the spay neuter within the time frame in this contract I must return the puppy along with it`s AKC registration papers to EvaMarie L. Coe without refund.I the buyer also agree not to sell/transfer ownership to anyone other than Evamarie L. Coe before said puppy has been spayed/neutered and that if I,the buyer choose not to care for said puppy for any reason other than those covered in the health guarantee section of this contract I may not turn the puppy over to an animal shelter,research facility or breeder & that transfer ownership may be to an indoor pet home only and EvaMarie Coe must approve this transfer.I understand that if I need help rehoming my puppy Siberian Outpost will assist me in the process.I the buyer also agree to reimburse EvaMarie L. Coe for any travel expenses she may incur reclaiming possesion of said puppy due to my non compliance of of this agreement.I the buyer understand that by signing this contract I acnowledge that I agree to and understand all of the stipulations within and that this contract is legaly binding to both the buyer and the seller.Purchase price $_________ plus $325.00 shipping if shipping is required signature____________________seller Date___________  Signature____________________buyer Date______                 

The $200.00 deposit to reserve a puppy is not refundable except in the case we cannot provide a healthy puppy that fits attached written description within 6 mos of date of deposit.The deposit shall be applied to the purchase price .Buyer assumes responsibility  for all shipping costs if puppy is returned for any reason.If shipping is requested puppies and shipping costs must be paid for in full at the age of 6 weeks or cash paid at pickup.
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