Letters From Owners Of Our Puppies
To find out about Jo`s book about Grizz and their experience with Grzz`s battle with cancer click here
Jo Helms authior of Grizz`s Story A Greater Courage wrote : We sure LOVE little Kodi with all our hearts and so does Sarge, Eva.  I don't know if you know how much you, Jim, Misty and yes, Jack realize......just how much of an impact you have had in our lives sweetie.....but I am here to tell you that I honestly, in my heart believe, that God meant for us to meet and become close friends.  Barry and I will always cherish yours and Jim's friendship, as will Sarge who loves Jim too, by the way(Woof's).... but there was something between us that I can not explain.  It was something I felt the moment I met you that gave me true "peace" Eva...  I remember seeing the look on Barry's face when we laid eyes on Kodi and the first moment that I saw Jack. I was so unsure but there was a sense of tranquility that I felt as we entered your door.  A certain calmness that I have yet to be able to explain. Then our talk. There were too many things for it to be simply chance. You and I both knew that and didn't have to speak a word.  You knew that I wasn't ready and you never once made me feel defensive with my grief for Grizz and yet you were both understanding of Sarge's needs too..  I think that you knew, in your heart what I was feeling about our boy Grizz and the total devastation of his loss and yet..........there was this innocent bundle of fur with bi-eyes, that you knew would capture our hearts and give Sarge a reason to go on.  Sarge needed a friend.. You trusted us, not knowing us from Adam, with one of your babies..  What more could we have hoped for...  We thank God for guiding us to you both.....and for bringing Kodi into OUR lives.
Love, Jo, Barry, Sarge, Kodi and Grizz in shining spirit.Jo & barry have another of our puppies now Tundra who is pictured with Cody
Stephanie wrote: I'm just so grateful for
Alaxa. I couldn't have asked for a better pup... And when I was
looking for a pup I found so many breeders but I just felt that you
really love the breed and you give so much to your dogs and that was
what I was looking for in a breeder. Every time somebody asks for a
Husky breeder I always talk about you and how I got Alaxa. I am
really grateful for Alaxa and all the love and care you and you
family gave her.
> Alaxa is doing great. She is such a spoiled pup. She usually
behaves really well but when she does something she is not suppose
to, its impossible to be mad at her. I go and tell her to stop and
she sits there, tries to give me high five, its like she
says... "common, I was just being a good girl... You know you love
me, just give me high five and lets go play... =)"
> She has a way of always talking back at me... When I say no or
something she will always talk back at me. Is so funny. She lays
down, lowers her head and "talks back" at me.
> We are still working on the not jumping command. Its like she
doesn't get it (or does not want to understand), but other than that
she is like the perfect little pup.
> I think she is getting really big. Where we live theres another
husky, and he is 3 years old and is the same height as Alaxa.
> She loves playing with other huskies. She loves to play with any
dog (for some reason she really likes to play (and sometimes bully)
with small dogs...) but when she sees a Husky she gets crazy to play
with the Husky.
> We decided that after we move to the house and settle there we
are going to get another Husky so that Alaxa can have a permanent
Our Tasha continues to be the wonderful companion we wanted – can’t believe she’s almost 2!  Tasha’s been great with our little 8-month daughter, Caroline; my wife sometimes calls Tasha the “nurse maid.”  You and Jim do a fabulous job.  If we get another dog, we’re definitely connecting with you!

John & Emily Adams,Texas
Hello Eva and Jim,

We wanted to drop you a line, and tell you about your wbsite ,it is very nice.We wanted to tell you Saphire is the most beautiful and calm dog
we have ever had.  She is just such a wonderful family member.  People have
commented on how she is so well behaved.  People have told us that they
thought that Siberian Huskies were hyper and "dangerous" around kids.  We
told them that most of that is all garbage.  It all has to do with the specific
traits of the parental dogs' bloodline.  We have told people about how you
run Siberian Outpost.  As far as we are concerned, it is a class act.  If you
want to use this as a testimonial, feel free to do so.

Our baby girl was a sweet, sweet addition to our family, 18 months ago.  We
have fallen deeply in love with her.... and her with us. 

She has Crystal's nose, and one and 3/4 blue eyes like her mom.  The
gorgeous markings that she has, and the coloring is wonderful.  We just
wanted to let you know how much we care for her.  Thank you, and keep up the
good work.... and labor of love. 

Nice web site, too.

Ray and Allyson Tritt            Winneconne
I wanted to give you an
update on Dallas (husky I got from Eva) is
doing great! She gets more beautiful everyday! When we were
looking for a husky, I did research, that's how I found Eva. From
Eva I learned what a respectable breeder should be and am proud to
own one of her pups. Thank you so much Eva for all you do for the
husky breed. I wish there was something we could do to spread the
knowledge about responsible breeding and put the back yard
puppymills out of business.

Kim , Drew Dallas and Mercedes
Hey Eva,

Here is Neeku and Taka with their human baby sister Analena.
Analena was born June 7th.

The pups are doing really well.
Taka is like a mom…..very gentle around Analena.
Neeku…..he just licks and likes everything.

This was taken a few days ago. Michael Pterson West Bend,WI
Yana turns 10 months old next Sunday, so I thought I'd let you know
> how she's doing. Yana is still such a lover of people. She rolls on
> her back immediately to let anyone and everyone give her a great
> belly rub. She is a thief. We really have to keep our eye out for
> missing pens and pencils--a favorite of hers to chew up! She
> so well with us. She absolutely loves to ride in the car.
> She still loves to lie around in the kids bean bags; however, she
> loves the new doggie bed we gave her for Christmas, too.
> We've had so many fun times with her, I can't possibly tell you.
> Thank you so much for our precious girl, Eva. We love her more than
> words can say.
> Until next time...Beth Haigh and family
Hello Eva:

This is Mary Frechette, Tia's mom.  How are you doing?  We are doing
Tia is doing really well.  One of these days I will have to send you an

updated picture of her.  Her favorite color is blue: blue tags, blue
blue toys.  She loves her Kong, and nubbie nylabone (not sure what it
really called).  She remains very playful, and will even fetch.  She is

great with kids (I have nieces, and nephews), and with other dogs.  I
her favorite treat is pig ears.  She does not howl, but instead she
like chewbaka (sp?) from StarWars.  She is sure to let me know when she
not like something, or when she wants to play (or is playing).  I
should get
it on tape....  She is such a smart girl.  We communicate very well.

That's about it for now.  Take care,
Mary Frechette